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Cloud Service

You can access form any device, anywhere. Just need an internet connection.

The IT4Golf Channel Manager it's a web-based application, which means that you only need a browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc..) and an internet connection to access to our system. IT4Golf Channel Manager follows the SaaS model (Software as a Service), which means that instead of installing and maintaining an infrastructure, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software, hardware and security management. Some of the benefits of our SaaS are:

  • No hardware, software or other hidden costs
  • Accessible from any location
  • Updates are automatically
  • Maintenance and support are included
  • Pay for what you use
  • Any device compatibility
  • Backups and data recovery included
  • Quick to deploy

You just need to subscribe an IT4Golf Channel Management plan which corresponding to a monthly fee to start benefit from our solution.


Define your sales strategy and apply them to your channels in one centralized place.

The IT4Golf Channel Manager offers a centralized way to define your sales strategy to reach the widest possible customer base and develop a better relationship between your customers and your product. You perform this configurations and decisions in just one place, reducing manual mistakes and time consuming.


You can run 1 or 1000 golf courses. Our channel manager can handle several golf courses at the same time.

The IT4Golf Channel Manager can manage an unlimited number of golf courses. If you are a company with one or many golf courses, we can handle all the operation in one unified system. With the multiproperty feature you can combine different golf courses according to your sales strategy. The commercial channels that you define for your clients and business partners can be configured to access only specif golf courses. This flexibility can be reached only with IT4Golf Channel Manager.

Yield Management Reporting

Find out what are the best prices and services for your customers.

With IT4Golf Channel Manager you have access to a set of reporting analysis that help you to understand your customers and increase bookings.

The yield management fundamentals are essential to define which golf products are selling, when, to whom, and at what price. Analyze consumer behavior to determine the correct price level to make the item enticing to the consumer. The idea is to coordinate timing, price, and consumer buying patterns to achieve the best return. Understanding your business performance and patterns, you can forecast tendencies and change you business strategy to maximize profit.

Booking Engine

Define your booking engines according to the image of your Golf Club.

IT4Golf Channel Manager offers the ability to define online booking engines to interface your business with clients and partners.

Our booking engine offers your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience requiring minimum efforts while using their PC, smart phones or tablets. Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests to avail special offers, golf packages and ability to do group bookings. Your booking engine can take credit card details and work with an online merchant service or integrate with a Payment Gateway to process payments. The IT4Golf Channel Manager supports several booking engines, for each you can define your sales strategy and marketing image. Within each booking engine you define your prices, availability, specials offers and golf packages for each of your business channels, despite if it is your web site, golf members portal, agents, operators or others.

Mobile Booking

Increase your performance by let your customers book with mobile devices.

With IT4Golf Channel Manager your customers can book online using mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, etc.. With the increase of mobile devices usage, you can benefit with IT4Golf Channel Manager offering to your customers an unique experience and easy way to book online tee times, special offers and packages. The image of mobile online booking follows your marketing image. You can also define several online mobile booking engines, depending of your customers (direct customers, agents, operators, members, etc..) and sales strategy.

Members Portal

Deliver to your members an unique experience with online booking, share information, etc.

IT4Golf Channel Manager offers a unique club members experience by enhance the value of your club, offering a unique way to communicate to your club members. The members portal is 100% compatible with your existing website. By enter in the web members portal, your member can benefit of several services, such as:

  • Online booking
  • Active member subscriptions
  • Promotions
  • Marketing
  • Tournaments
  • Photos
  • Contracts

Everything is controlled by you within the IT4Golf Channel Manager. You can design and control the options available to your club members based on their profiles; communicate easily with them, and provide the online booking following the type of club member profile. The Online Members portal will save time and money, and at the same way it will give to your members an unique experience.

Agents Booking

Make available to your Business Partners the ability to book online and much more.

IT4Golf Channel Manager offers a set of functionalities to your agents and business partners to book your teetimes and benefit from an unique service. The IT4Golf Channel Manager Agents module will offer to your agents and business partners a web portal with a set of onlien services, such as:

  • Online booking
  • Promotions
  • Marketing contents
  • Communication forum
  • Information

Also for more experience agents, the Agents module offers a way to integrate directly to IT4Golf Channel Manager using Web Services. This technique permits the Agent to integrate directly with IT4Golf Channel Manager. For example if the agent have a website or other software, and want to perform online booking to your golf club, it will be possible with the IT4Golf Channel Manager Agents Module. Everything is controlled by you within the IT4Golf Channel Manager. You can design and control the options available within the Agents Portal and define the rates available for each Agent. The Agents Booking will save time and money, and at the same way it will give to your Business partners a simple way to profit with you.

Flex Rates

Define your golf rates and extras depending of your seasons, teetimes, day of the week, etc.

Define Rates with IT4Golf Channel Manager it's a easy process and very flexible. Each Rate that you define can be applied to one or more Markets depending the definition of your sales strategy. The basics of IT4Golf Channel Manager Flex Rates are applying rates (monetary value) to Golf articles (GreenFees, Buggy, Clubs, Trolleys, etc..) depending of a set of variables that can be defined, such as:

  • Golf Course (Prices of golf articles are depending of the golf course)
  • Dates (Define different prices depending on a date range - seasons)
  • Teetimes (Define different prices depending the time to play - teetime)
  • Day of the week (Define different prices depending on the day of the week - for example sunday)
  • Availability (Define the availability status of your articles, such as extras. For example you can setup a buggy to be available to book, offer or not available.

Special Offers

Enhance your golf offer with specials and define your terms and offers for each of them.

With the IT4Golf Channel Manager you can easily define special offers and strategically apply them to channels markets according to your business strategy. You can define Seasonal offers like Christmas or Summer specials, or long term offers like Twilight or others. The definition of a special offers here carefully design to be an easy and fast to deploy. Special Offers have a specific Flex Rate (see definition of Flex Rate) which can depend of several variables, as well as the possibility to define offers or discounts based on multiple players. For example you can set a special for offering 1 player if your client is booking 4 players. Or you can set a discount of 10% in bookings of multiple of 8 players. The flexibility and easy to setup special offers it's one of the many strengths of our Channel Manager.


Create multi golf round packages. Define for each package what golf courses are included.

Creating Golf Packages it's another important feature of our system. You can define golf packages with the number of rounds that you like and define in what golf courses this rounds can be played. With the flexibility of our golf package setup you can define golf packages that can be played in specific courses or define golf packages to be played in whatever golf courses. Each Package have a specific Flex Rate (see definition of Flex Rate) that can be added with offers and discounts of multiple players. For example you can set a package for offering 1 player if your client is booking a package for 4 players. Or you can set a discount of 10% in packages of multiple of 8 players. Also you can setup a number of days that the package can be consumed. For example you can setup 5 days for a 3 round package to be played. This particular feature are an important sales tool for golfers that are looking for playing several rounds during a certain time of vacation or other.

Channels and Markets

Segment your channels markets according to the characteristics of your customers, their needs and buying patterns.

With IT4Golf Channel Manager you have the possibility to configure different Market Segments and apply them to specific clients. With this feature you can segment your clients portfolio, and apply to them specific tariffs, availability, special offers and golf packages.

Market segmentation is one of the most useful and practical strategy used in business planning and marketing. With Market Segmentation you divide or clients on the basis of commonalities and differences and grouping them together on the basis of specific characteristics that are relevant for your golf business strategy. Market segmentation helps your Golf business to develop a good understanding of the current or potential market base on a broad spectrum; make plans targeting the customers with specific needs, interests, or preferences. The definition of markets within IT4Golf Channel Manager it's fundamental to achieve a better business performance , as well as defining yield and revenue management trends.

GPMS Interface

Connect your Channel Manager to your internal Golf Property Management System.

With IT4Golf Channel Manager you can interfacing with your internal Golf Property Management System Software. The design and structure of IT4Golf Channel Manager can easily integrate with your GPMS as well as define several GPMS interfaces. We can integrate with CSS Concept Golf GPMS and define other vendors interface easily thanks to the flexibility of IT4Golf Channel Manager. The simple design of IT4Golf Channel Manager allows you to integrate with your GPMS requiring little bandwidth and overhead.

Payment Gateway

Connect your Channel Manager with the payment gateway for your online booking payments.

Follow the simplicity and flexibility of defining interfaces, IT4Golf Channel Manager can deal with different Payment Gateways to collect automatically the online golf booking income. Payment Gateways are internal connectors that established communication with online payments solutions. For that it's easy to add and upgrade payment gateways following the market trends.

Customer Satisfaction

Welcome your golfers before they play with useful information, and inquire them after play to collect your service satisfaction.

With the IT4Golf Channel Manager Customer Satisfaction your can automatically communicate with your golfers before and after the Golf Experience. Before your customer enjoy's the Golf experience, the system automatically triggers a communication that can include useful club information, directions and also marketing contents such as promotions, extras and others.

After enjoy the experience, the customer will receive an inquiry with a set of questions. All the answers are automatically processed and produces the reporting to let you know what your customers think about your Golf experience. The IT4Golf Channel Manager Customer Satisfaction also have the ability to trigger automatically warnings if a poor classification occurs. This feature it will give the Club the ability to fast reply to the customer and get in touch of what it went wrong.